Hi, I’m Anna, founder of Hara Holistics. Like many therapists, I trained in complementary therapies because they transformed my own health and wellbeing. Now, I  help others to heal and feel great through reflexology and reiki.

As a teenager I was fascinated by complementary health, having acupuncture to help with acne and buying smelly Ayurvedic herbs from obscure shops in North London. It was clear that a holistic approach offered powerful solutions that could treat the source of imbalance.

Later, I felt the powerful benefits of holistic therapies whilst healing myself from ME, a chronic health condition: better sleep, energy and wellbeing. One treatment would allow me to make great improvements and gain momentum and a course of ten reflexology treatments left me feeling better than ever before. Through simple lifestyle changes and a deeper connection to the body, I realised the body’s power to heal itself. I want to help us all reconnect with this power, let go of pain and tension and feel as good as we can.

Hara* is our energy centre in our abdomen, where we can develop a stronger foundation to life,  a warm, openness that is calm and rooted. In our busy life full of stimulation and thinking, we all need to come back into our bodies and give our minds a break. To let go of tension.

I trained in Holistic Massage in London, before moving to Brighton and training in Reflexology. Interested particularly in how reflexology balances hormones, I completed a further Diploma in Reflexology for Conception, Pregnancy and Post-natal Care with Louise Keet, one of the country’s leading practitioners.

I am attuned in Reiki, a gentle yet powerful healing practice which I offer as a full treatment as well as incorporate into reflexology and massage.

I am registered with the Complementary Therapies Association (CTHA) and am fully insured. My qualifications are Holistic Massage ITEC Level 3,
Reflexology VTCT Level 3 and Reiki Level 2.

You can also find me listed on Reiki Pages 


* The Japanese word hara 腹 does not merely translate to the abdomen or belly but reflects the energy centres within. It is linked to tanden (dantian in Chinese ), which means cinnabar field and is also known as the elixir field. Hara can therefore be understood as a place in the body where the elixir of life is created.