What is reflexology? Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary therapy that works on the basis that our entire body is mirrored on our hands and feet.  We can connect to any area in the body via its reflex on the hand or foot. For example, the top of the big toe relates to the head and […]

Holistic Massage

What is my approach? I listen to what my client needs and hopes for from a treatment and I customise my massage treatments to reflect this. I combine Swedish massage techniques with a holistic, intuitive touch to create a treatment that rebalances and nourishes body and mind. Pressure will depend on the tension in your […]


BALANCE MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT Reiki is a Japanese energy healing practice. It releases blockages in the physical, emotional and spiritual body. ‘Rei’ is ‘universal or higher power’ and ‘Ki’ is life energy (the equivalent of Chinese Qi) so Rei-ki accesses the universal life force energy and with positive intention allows its optimal flow to […]

Hand reflexology

Reflexology Workshops

  Reflexology workshops are a wonderful group activity you can do anywhere. Arrange a unique group workshop for 2 – 20 participants where you’ll learn basic reflexology and hand massage techniques. Apply what you learn immediately on yourselves and others, working 1:1 within a group. These sessions promote relaxation and boost wellbeing as well as provide […]